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Group Scientific

Metrology for Nanotechnology

Atomic Force Microscope AFM/SPM, Surface Profilers, X-Ray systems.
Technology that works for your application:
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Hecus MICROcaliX - Combining SAXS/SWAXS with DSC


Hecus contnues to provide the world’s leading tools for polymer science with the release of the MICROcaliX system which performs both SAXS/SWAXS and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) on the same sample.  Now monitor thermal phase transitions quantitatively and match them with structural changes.  If nanostructure is important to you, contact us for details and pricing.



Ambios Technology and KLA-Tencor join forces to provide the best selection of high performance surface profilers.



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Hecus X-Ray Systems Spring Short course